Patient article appears in the Amputee Coalition's magazine InMotion

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Lena Gill, one of Jed Newhardt's patients, let us know that her article appears in the September/October 2014 issue of the Amputee Coalition's InMotion magazine.  The regular feature is entitled "Who is your Amputee Hero?"  Lena submitted a story about her hero.  She writes about World War II British fighter pilot Douglas Bader.  Bader lost both of his legs as a stunt pilot, and was retired from the Royal Air Force when WWII rolled around.  He was accepted back to active duty because experienced pilots were needed.  He learned to fly the new Spitfire and eventually became a Flying Ace.  When he was shot down over Germany, one of this prosthetic legs was destroyed, and.... well, go here to read the rest of Lena's fascinating story!

Dankmeyer Hi-Fi Certified

Boston Strong, Erika Brannock being fit using the High Fidelity Interface.

Boston Strong, Erika Brannock being fit using the High Fidelity Interface.

Dankmeyer, Inc. is now certified to provide the revolutionary High Fidelity Interface. The HiFi Interface is a complete departure from current prosthetic sockets. Wearers report increased stability, greater comfort and energy efficiency and overall a better and more intimate fit allowing for improved function. The HiFi Interface gets closer to the bone by employing a patent-pending alternating compression and release design.  Longitudinal struts apply centripetal compression to select areas of the limb, and uniquely designed windows between the struts proactively manage the gradual release of displaced soft tissue, enabling volume to safely escape. Call us to learn more about the HiFi Interface.  (800) 879-1245

If you're interested in learning more about the HiFi Interface System please click here.

Prosthetic Limb Users Survey (PLUS)

Do you have amputations in both legs and walk with your prostheses?

If so, we need your help! Researchers at the University of Washington are developing the Prosthetic Limb Users Survey (PLUS), a tool to help prosthetists and researchers better understand the experience of using prostheses. We need your help to make sure PLUS asks meaningful questions about the things you can do with your prosthesis.

We need volunteers to fill out an online survey that
will help us select the best questions for people with amputations in both legs.
People who live anywhere in the United States are welcome to take this survey. If you are eligible to participate, you will receive $25 for completing the survey.

To review the contents of the survey click here.
For more information or to take a survey, please go to

Or contact us at 1-800-504-0564 or

Mobility Saves Educational Program

Mobility Saves is an educational program based on the Dobson DaVanzo study, a study funded by AOPA that studied Medicare data and proved the cost-effectiveness of orthotics and prosthetics. For a quick explanation of Mobility Saves, please watch this brief presentation.

To help spread the word to clinicians, payers, and referral sources, AOPA has a series of PowerPoint presentations that can be adapted and shared.  Read the full Dobson DaVanzo study here (or at least the Executive Summary) for more details as well as other good news findings.

Recommended Reading

Outcome Measures: Avenues for Optimizing Prosthetic Performance By Vibhor Agrawal, PhD, ATP (Content provided by The O&P EDGE).

Are you optimizing prosthetic performance in your patients? Is improved performance translating into better health for your patients? Are you measuring outcomes to document the health-related benefits of the prostheses you provide to your patients?

The need to measure and evaluate prosthetic outcomes has become a hot topic in the current healthcare environment. Outcome measurements may become a necessity for reimbursement in the near future as some payers are subscribing to the philosophy that anything that was not measured was not done and therefore should not get reimbursed.

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