Patient Stories: William Ewing and WCBC Radio

WCBC Screen.png

William “Bill” Ewing took some time out from his morning August 12, 2019 to do a morning radio interview with Cumberland office clinician, Mark Treasure, CP, BOCO on WCBC Radio AM 1270 with host Dave Norman. Following in fellow patient Diane Clark’s footsteps, Bill Ewing talks about his 60 years as an amputee after overcoming cancer as a teenager. In fact, Mark and Bill talk about Diane and an amputee support group that she is working on organizing in the Western Maryland area.

In the interview, Bill states that you are “not dead when you have an amputation” and talks about growing up on a “farmette” and being involved in forestry. He also belongs to a musical group called "The Notables” that plays in nursing homes and other facilities. He is a very active man who likes to work.

Bill, Mark and Dave continue to discuss current technology in prostheses, which they believe means fewer amputees end up in wheelchairs, like Dave Norman’s father did. Bill has a microprocessor ankle, which means that he has a lot more stability in his device than he had in the first prosthesis he had 58 years ago!

You can listen to the lively interview here.