Patient Stories: Patients Attend Hill Days

Kelly Miller at Amputee Coalition's Hill Days

Kelly Miller and Jeanne Smith, Patient Services Coordinator attended The Amputee Coalition's Hill Days in Washington DC on Tuesday, April 25th and Wednesday, April 26th.  Along with other Dankmeyer patients, amputees from all over the country came together to meet with elected officials to discuss issues affecting the limb loss community: to include insurance fairness for all amputees, healthcare reform, and support for research program funding. Among other attendees was a family of three  generations, a young four year old amputee and his mother and his grandfather, all dedicated to advocating for insurance fairness for ALL persons affected with limb loss.  

Many thanks to all of the Senators, Congressman and their staff for meeting with the 2017 Hill Days participants.  A special thank you to the following Senators, Congressman and staff who took time to met with Kelly and Jeanne:

  • Senator Chris Van Hollen and David Radcliffe, Department of Defense Fellow
  • Dvora Lovinger, Congressman John Sarbanes’ Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Alexandra Menardy, MPH, Senator Benjamin Cardin’s Legislative Correspondent, along with Health Fellow, Arnold Solamillos 

In addition, we thank Congressman Brian Mast of Florida, Veteran and bilateral amputee, for hosting a wrap up discussion and reception. 

For more about the Amputee Coalition and the annual Hill Days, click here.