Patient Stories: Jose Casas

Jose Casas is one of Dankmeyer’s international patients from Peru.  We are so excited to share with you a commercial that he was featured in very recently to promote a telethon in Peru for disabled people.  This televised event was held 10/6/17 and 10/7/17.  The video captures some stunning scenery as he leads a group of trekkers through the mountains.  No one knows that [spoiler alert!!!] he is an amputee until the very end.

A member of the Peruvian military, Captain Casas became a below knee amputee as a result of trauma, and has returned to a number of highly physical activities. He has participated in the Amputee Walking School here.  Here are some pictures from that particular AWS event, which was shortly after he received his prosthesis three years ago.

In addition, he has also competed, representing Peru, in an international competition in Brazil.  Besides his running leg, he uses a special prosthesis for swimming.

We appreciate that he wore his Dankmeyer T to a recent visit.