Patient Stories: Moxie - Here We Grow Again!

It is time for an update on Moxie! Moxie is the little English Setter mix adopted by Jeanne Smith, Dankmeyer Patient Services Representative a little over a year ago.  Moxie became a Dankmeyer patient, as she is missing part of her left hind leg.  Her clinician is Jed Newhardt, CPO.

Jeanne provides occasional updates on our unusual patient.  We always enjoy seeing Moxie in the office - she is a sweet girl who loves to get hugs and be petted and we love giving them!  Jeanne wriites:

Much like pediatric patients, Moxie has gained weight and grown taller.   With these growth spurts also comes the need for adjustments, replacement sockets or a new prosthesis.  In order for Moxie to maintain her active lifestyle, she will soon be starting the process for evaluation and design for another prosthesis.  Look for updates and follow Moxie through the journey of her newest prosthesis!