Patient Stories: ERIC FLYNN

Eric Flynn is a very active eleven year old, like most boys his age. This sixth grader loves to fish, play baseball, and ski - as just a few of his athletic endeavours.   Eric has previously shared pictures of some of his legs as shown here - both clean and after a muddy event!  The mud can be hosed off, leaving Eric ready for the next sporting event. And what will that be?


It won't be long before it is spring, and spring training starts and baseball will be on everyone's mind.  But as recently as the beginning of February, Eric was still thinking about skiing.  Let's take a look at his skis.  Last year, Eric's skis started as standard size appropriate skis and bindings.  Eric's parents, Eric Sr. and Darnell, purchased "feet" which Dankmeyer then modified. Adapters for the prostheses were installed in order to connect the prostheses to the skis.  

You can see Eric here trying on the finished product before hitting the slopes. Last year Eric was able to ski using outriggers.  This year, he has progressed to skiing with standard poles.  This video shows how well Eric is negotiating the terrain. Nice Job, Eric!  Looks like you are having fun!