Patient Stories: Jeremy Funk

Levi and I met in June of 2015 at Fidos for Freedom, a service-dog training organization in Laurel, Maryland.  (Fidos trains dogs for people with low mobility, for people with impaired hearing, and for veterans with PTSD.)  Levi is a three-year-old red-fox Labrador Retriever. It felt as though he chose me, because before we were matched with each other, even when he was working with other clients, he would watch me from across the room.  As we work together, he is learning to help me by fetching items I've dropped, and we are working to see if he could help me with my balance as I walk.  He also knows how to brace to help me stand up when I fall.  I work as a copy editor at home, and one of my favorite moments of the day happens as my computer warms up in the morning; Levi hops up on the futon with me and tries to lick my face as I pet him.  Eventually, he lies down and puts his head in my lap: it's a great way to start my work day.  Levi is a wonderful partner. 

Here are some pictures of Levi at work, at rest, and at play with his housemate Emma.

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