Happy 100th Birthday, Mrs. Lawrence!

When Mrs. Lawrence was born on February 27, 1918, World War I was still being fought.  She is part of what has come to be known as "The Greatest Generation" - those who grew up in the Depression and lived through World War II.  Now, she is also a member of a rare group of citizens who are one hundred or more years old - a centenarian.  

Mrs. Lawrence was greeted at a recent appointment at Dankmeyer's Sinai office with a little birthday celebration in her honor.  Sheryl Nathanson, CPO and Sinai office Patient Services Representative Jeanne Smith prepared the mini birthday celebration, which included cupcakes, candles, flowers, and a birthday crown!  This mobile senior didn't have time to party for long, as she had to catch her MTA transport after her appointment.  

Please join us in wishing Mrs. Lawrence a very happy 100th birthday, with many more to come!