As a prosthesis wearer, why should I "Check My Foot"?

The start of spring is a good time to review this question…..


Why should I check my prosthetic foot, and how do I do that? - Carolyn M.


After a mild winter, spring has arrived in full force. Many of us will start to become a little more active in the warmer months.  We are busy fertilizing yards and mowing grass, preparing our gardens or taking walks in the community.   This means we are on our feet a lot more frequently than in the colder months. 

Spring is a great time to “CHECK YOUR FEET”.    Our feet are our foundation, much like the foundation of a house.  If the house foundation is cracking and in poor condition, the building upon it will not hold up well.  Your prosthetic device is part of your walking foundation and it is a good idea to have your device checked out.

Prosthetic feet wear down from daily use.   Some feet are a completed design, meaning the inner mechanics are enclosed by a foam foot casing.  Other feet have foot shells and protective socks, which can be removed to inspect the carbon foot design.   When your foot begins to wear down, your walking pattern, or gait, may be affected.   You may also hear noises such as a metal “click” or “squeaking”.

Spring is an excellent time to schedule an appointment with your prosthetist.   We will inspect your prosthetic foot for signs of wear or damage and advise you of any recommended repairs or possible replacement.   Sometimes repairs may be completed on the same day you are seen or, may require us to order appropriate parts for your prosthesis.   Either way, it should help you start off your spring on the right foot, or possibly your left!!!

- Mary Reedy, Certified Prosthetist

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