Patient article appears in the Amputee Coalition's magazine InMotion

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Lena Gill, one of Jed Newhardt's patients, let us know that her article appears in the September/October 2014 issue of the Amputee Coalition's InMotion magazine.  The regular feature is entitled "Who is your Amputee Hero?"  Lena submitted a story about her hero.  She writes about World War II British fighter pilot Douglas Bader.  Bader lost both of his legs as a stunt pilot, and was retired from the Royal Air Force when WWII rolled around.  He was accepted back to active duty because experienced pilots were needed.  He learned to fly the new Spitfire and eventually became a Flying Ace.  When he was shot down over Germany, one of this prosthetic legs was destroyed, and.... well, go here to read the rest of Lena's fascinating story!