3DPO and Summer Vacation 2019

3DPO and Digit have been packing and planning for their summer vacation for a month now, and they just can’t seem to decide on one place. Do you and your family have the same issue? They would gladly take suggestions on how you decide where to go on vacation.

Art Ross, Fabrication Technician suggested something tropical and gave them a green screen view of how happy 3DPO would look on the beach.

After even more debate, they decided, that instead of one place, 3DPO and Digit decided to take an ‘Anything Can Happen Adventure’.

While we may not be seeing as many blog posts, he will be posting on Facebook and Instagram, using #3dpodankmeyer. Since this is an ‘Anything Can Happen Adventure’, he and Digit will be asking for ideas and suggestions on where to go, what to try, so please let them know what you think! 

For the Instagram Link for main Dankmeyer page, you can click here!


3DPO Visits the Kinetic Sculpture Race

3DPO was out and about in downtown Baltimore a few weeks ago with Art Ross, Fabrication Technician. 3DPO and Art share a close relationship as Art is his creator! Art used Dankmeyer’s first 3-D printer way back in 2017 to create Dankmeyer’s favorite intern and mascot.

Art is a proud participant in the American Visionary Art Museum’s Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race.  Per the AVAM’s website, the Kinetic Sculpture race is a race through Baltimore of wacky, imaginative, TOTALLY HUMAN-POWERED WORKS OF ART, DESIGNED TO TRAVEL ON LAND, THROUGH MUD, AND OVER DEEP BALTIMORE INNER HARBOR WATERS, constructed out of used bicycles, gears, and parts, created by a lunatic genius who tinkers around in the garage or backyard!

Art Ross in disguise with 3DPO.

The Dankmeyer staff look forward to the crazy chicken costumes Art makes every year. The year’s theme, Wheel-ality TV, allowed Art to reach way back for his inspiration, Foghorn Leghorn! As we know, our plucky 3DPO is always up for an adventure. Art kindly made him a coordinating costume and took him along. 

We don’t have any photos from the event, as Art and 3DPO had their wings full, but please enjoy a few photos of them in costume.

After a busy two year internship, 3DPO will be taking the summer off from his official duties here at Dankmeyer. We will be sharing photos of his summer vacation here, on Facebook, and our Instagram page! 

3DPO Writes the Governor of Maryland

3DPO took some time out from studying this past week in order to write a letter to the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan. A few weeks earlier, the Amputee Coalition sent an email to Sheryl Nathanson Sachs, CPO, Jeanne Smith (Patient Services Representative) and a number of other Dankmeyer employees on their mailing list asking everyone to write and ask their governor to acknowledge April as Limb Loss Awareness Month through a formal proclamation. Sheryl and Jeanne, who anchor the Dankmeyer office on the Sinai Hospital Campus, beat 3DPO to it, by writing a letter to Governor Hogan right away - resulting in the desired proclamation. They are looking forward to receiving this Maryland proclamation in the mail very soon!

If you do not live in Maryland, you might want to write the governor of your state to get a proclamation in your state. Please visit the Amputee Coalition’s Advocacy and Awareness page and view the proclamation spreadsheet to find out how to submit your request. Ask your governor to proclaim April as Limb Loss Awareness Month at the link below.

Proclaim April as Limb Loss Awareness Month


Every year the Amputee Coalition (AC) promotes April as Limb Loss Awareness Month with a series of events. Hill Day in early April is an effort for patients and patient advocates to educate legislators about limb loss. Jeanne Smith has attended that event for several years. April activities finish up with Show Your Mettle Day, when those with limb loss are encouraged to wear their prosthesis so everyone can see the metal of the device. A number of Dankmeyer patients have shown their “mettle” on the Dankmeyer website, and 3DPO encourages everyone to send in their pictures for the big day!

Writing the Governor is just one of the many ways to participate.

Here is a list of some important upcoming dates for Amputee Coalition events. You can click on any one to find specific information from the AC:

No matter how you choose to do it, whether you make a phone call, go old school with a typewriter, or use your computer or mobile device, sign up for an activity, and if you live in Maryland, you could write a letter to your governor today to thank him for the proclamation!


3DPO and Snow Days!

It wasn’t until mid January that it really started to feel like winter to 3DPO. In the time since then, there has been bitter cold, with ice and snow in many parts of the USA. At Dankmeyer’s Central Maryland office in Linthicum, there was enough snow on the ground so that 3DPO, 3D-Too and Digit could go outside to play with Amy Smith, Administrative Assistant, during their lunch break.

The three friends took a few minutes to find a spot so that 3D-Too could slide down a little slope in his adaptive snow sled, while Digit sported his new green Therapy Dog blanket. There wasn’t enough time to build a 3DPO-Snowman or make snow angels or have a snowball fight. Amy had shared some pictures of Dankmeyer staff making snowballs the previous winter and it sure looked fun!

3DPO thought it was a good time to review Dankmeyer’s weather policy, so that he would know if any Dankmeyer office was closed due to poor weather. The weather in Lavale, MD (where Dankmeyer’s Western Maryland office was located) can be very different from the weather 192 miles away on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where the Dankmeyer office is in Easton, MD. (Kristin Boswell, Director of Patient Services and Billing, addresses the question of weather closures in a Q&A posted on the Dankmeyer website just days after 3DPO and his friends played in the snow.)

Also in the Q&A, from the previous winter, is a question about winter adaptive sports that is interesting and can be read by clicking here. 3DPO looked forward to some future snow that would give them a chance to make snowballs and he could practice his pitch, but maybe that should happen on a weekend when the snow had a chance to melt before patients needed to come on Monday!

3DPO and the Dankmeyer Cookie Challenge

It’s that festive holiday time of year again! As the Dankmeyer offices are getting decked out for the holidays, the staff starts thinking about getting creative with cookies! This year marks the 5th Annual Dankmeyer Cookie Challenge. While there is a winner every year, there are no losers as we all get to sample cookies made by someone else and get new recipes to try!

Mary Reedy, CP, coordinates the blind taste test contest every year. Each participant brings in cookies for trying and each staff member chooses which cookie they think is best and they vote for that cookie. Sharon Idleman, Accounting Assistant, always counts the votes. 3DPO was a little confused when he was offered a bite of a cookie, the only bytes he knew about were terabytes! As always, our favorite 3D intern persevered and voted for his favorite. No, he’s not telling us who he voted for.

Art Ross, Fabrication Technician, crafted this year’s trophy as he has in years past and 3DPO just had to have his photo taken with it. He hopes to participate next year, if he can reach the dials on the oven. Maybe he can get help from some of our previous winners, Jed Newhardt, CPO, Toni Robinson, Bryan Day, Fabrication Technician, or Jamie Dean, Patient Services Representative. Or maybe he will talk to our most recent winner, Mary Reedy. Congratulations on those Lemon Cookies, Mary! (As he was very busy tasting cookies, 3DPO collaborated on this story with Amy Smith, Administrative Assistant.)