What am I signing for if I am asked to sign when I leave the office?

3DPO demonstrates the electronic signature pad.


There are times when I am leaving your office that I'm asked to sign my name on a signature pad.  What am i signing for? - Daniel L.


Daniel, this is a great question.  In most cases, you are signing a Proof of Delivery receipt for the item and/or service you received that day.  Proof of Delivery is required in order to verify you received the device(s), repair, adjustment, or supplies.  The document includes:


  • Your name
  • The location where the item/service was delivered to you
  • A detailed description of each item delivered to you
  • The quantity
  • The date of delivery
  • Your signature

Proof of Delivery is a Medicare requirement based on their Supplier Standards which states providers must maintain proof of delivery for all items delivered to a patient.  There may also be instances when your insurance company requests confirmation that you received all of the items submitted on the claim.  With your signed Proof of Delivery, the items can be verified and the claim for that service gets paid.  If you would like to see what you’re signing for, please ask us, we will be happy to print you out a copy at any time!

- Kristin Boswell, Director of Patient Services and Billing

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