3DPO and Snow Days!

It wasn’t until mid January that it really started to feel like winter to 3DPO. In the time since then, there has been bitter cold, with ice and snow in many parts of the USA. At Dankmeyer’s Central Maryland office in Linthicum, there was enough snow on the ground so that 3DPO, 3D-Too and Digit could go outside to play with Amy Smith, Administrative Assistant, during their lunch break.

The three friends took a few minutes to find a spot so that 3D-Too could slide down a little slope in his adaptive snow sled, while Digit sported his new green Therapy Dog blanket. There wasn’t enough time to build a 3DPO-Snowman or make snow angels or have a snowball fight. Amy had shared some pictures of Dankmeyer staff making snowballs the previous winter and it sure looked fun!

3DPO thought it was a good time to review Dankmeyer’s weather policy, so that he would know if any Dankmeyer office was closed due to poor weather. The weather in Lavale, MD (where Dankmeyer’s Western Maryland office was located) can be very different from the weather 192 miles away on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where the Dankmeyer office is in Easton, MD. (Kristin Boswell, Director of Patient Services and Billing, addresses the question of weather closures in a Q&A posted on the Dankmeyer website just days after 3DPO and his friends played in the snow.)

Also in the Q&A, from the previous winter, is a question about winter adaptive sports that is interesting and can be read by clicking here. 3DPO looked forward to some future snow that would give them a chance to make snowballs and he could practice his pitch, but maybe that should happen on a weekend when the snow had a chance to melt before patients needed to come on Monday!