3DPO Writes the Governor of Maryland

3DPO took some time out from studying this past week in order to write a letter to the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan. A few weeks earlier, the Amputee Coalition sent an email to Sheryl Nathanson Sachs, CPO, Jeanne Smith (Patient Services Representative) and a number of other Dankmeyer employees on their mailing list asking everyone to write and ask their governor to acknowledge April as Limb Loss Awareness Month through a formal proclamation. Sheryl and Jeanne, who anchor the Dankmeyer office on the Sinai Hospital Campus, beat 3DPO to it, by writing a letter to Governor Hogan right away - resulting in the desired proclamation. They are looking forward to receiving this Maryland proclamation in the mail very soon!

If you do not live in Maryland, you might want to write the governor of your state to get a proclamation in your state. Please visit the Amputee Coalition’s Advocacy and Awareness page and view the proclamation spreadsheet to find out how to submit your request. Ask your governor to proclaim April as Limb Loss Awareness Month at the link below.

Proclaim April as Limb Loss Awareness Month


Every year the Amputee Coalition (AC) promotes April as Limb Loss Awareness Month with a series of events. Hill Day in early April is an effort for patients and patient advocates to educate legislators about limb loss. Jeanne Smith has attended that event for several years. April activities finish up with Show Your Mettle Day, when those with limb loss are encouraged to wear their prosthesis so everyone can see the metal of the device. A number of Dankmeyer patients have shown their “mettle” on the Dankmeyer website, and 3DPO encourages everyone to send in their pictures for the big day!

Writing the Governor is just one of the many ways to participate.

Here is a list of some important upcoming dates for Amputee Coalition events. You can click on any one to find specific information from the AC:

No matter how you choose to do it, whether you make a phone call, go old school with a typewriter, or use your computer or mobile device, sign up for an activity, and if you live in Maryland, you could write a letter to your governor today to thank him for the proclamation!