3DPO and the Dankmeyer Cookie Challenge

It’s that festive holiday time of year again! As the Dankmeyer offices are getting decked out for the holidays, the staff starts thinking about getting creative with cookies! This year marks the 5th Annual Dankmeyer Cookie Challenge. While there is a winner every year, there are no losers as we all get to sample cookies made by someone else and get new recipes to try!

Mary Reedy, CP, coordinates the blind taste test contest every year. Each participant brings in cookies for trying and each staff member chooses which cookie they think is best and they vote for that cookie. Sharon Idleman, Accounting Assistant, always counts the votes. 3DPO was a little confused when he was offered a bite of a cookie, the only bytes he knew about were terabytes! As always, our favorite 3D intern persevered and voted for his favorite. No, he’s not telling us who he voted for.

Art Ross, Fabrication Technician, crafted this year’s trophy as he has in years past and 3DPO just had to have his photo taken with it. He hopes to participate next year, if he can reach the dials on the oven. Maybe he can get help from some of our previous winners, Jed Newhardt, CPO, Toni Robinson, Bryan Day, Fabrication Technician, or Jamie Dean, Patient Services Representative. Or maybe he will talk to our most recent winner, Mary Reedy. Congratulations on those Lemon Cookies, Mary! (As he was very busy tasting cookies, 3DPO collaborated on this story with Amy Smith, Administrative Assistant.)