3DPO and Trick or Treat

3DPO loves the fall - the temperatures have cooled off, the leaves change to beautiful colors, and it means that three different holidays come one right after the other! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all come within the space of about two months! It means a busy time, often associated with special foods and clothing. Like costumes and candy corn!!!

3DPO loves hats - he has quite a collection. And he likes wearing them as part of his Halloween costumes. Some of these he thinks he has shown off before. However, there are two that haven’t been seen. One is the costume he wore last Halloween. The Headless Norseman. 3DPO heard someone talking about the story of Sleepy Hollow. He understood the part about the pumpkin for a head but misheard “horseman” and thought they were talking about a Viking, thus the horns. 

This year, his friends at Dankmeyer were reminiscing about watching “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” when they were kids, so 3DPO watched it one night. It inspired him to dress up as Charlie Brown. He thought about dressing Digit as Snoopy, but Digit declined. Since he didn’t want to get rocks in his trick or treat bag like Charlie Brown, he thought he might stay at home this year and just watch scary movies with Digit.

Other times 3DPO has used some of the stuff Art made him as costumes. Once to be a cowboy, a construction worker, a rock star, and a bunny rabbit. Happy Halloween!