Patient Stories: Dr. Andrew Rubin and Infinite Biomedical Technologies

This is a story told in two parts. There are different players in this story, each with a significant part to tell and both are interesting and engaging and totally intertwined. We want to share as much as possible about these contributors and their relationship to each other - Dr. Andrew Rubin and the team at Infinite Biomedical Technologies.

First up, visit the story about Dr. Andrew Rubin. A patient of Mark Hopkins, CPO, Dr. Rubin is a writer and English professor who has had an amazing, almost unimaginable journey that eventually brought him to the research team at Infinite Biomedical Technologies (IBT). Dr. Rubin, Dankmeyer, and the IBT team have worked together in a collaborative effort to bring about some very positive outcomes in this story. In the second part, read about the technology that IBT created that turns Dr. Rubin into a self-described “refurbished double amputee”. Click here to keep reading…….