Patient Stories: Diane Clark, Radio Personality!


Our Western Maryland office in Lavale now has a new radio personality in patient Diane Clark. Diane wrote one of our earliest patient stories (click here to read that story) and was recently joined by clinician Mark Treasure, CP, BOCO for a radio interview on WCBC 107.1, when they “appeared” in an early morning interview with host Dave Norman.

Dankmeyer’s Diane shares her name with the radio station’s meteorologist Diane Clark and they have a chuckle about that to start. During the interview, Dave reveals that he is familiar with Dankmeyer, having come to the office as a young athlete for an orthosis in the early Eighties, which he still has and uses! They discuss the improvements in orthotic and prosthetic fabrication that technology has provided. Diane’s first prosthesis in 1991 was constructed in a very different manner from her current prosthesis. Her prosthesis today is lighter and more durable than her earliest prostheses, of which she has had seven over her 28 years as a Dankmeyer patient. This is a good thing because Diane is very active. She says , “I’m very rough on my leg!”. She had one prosthesis so well fabricated that it made it through a motorcycle accident. Rough indeed!

Diane talks about the emotional process she went through when her leg was amputated as a young mother of two (as a result of a snowy day car accident). She strives to be supportive for other amputees with her positive attitude and active lifestyle.

Originally scheduled to last for three minutes, the three chatted for ten minutes. Diane and Mark certainly sound like naturals. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.