My First Summer Dankmeyer

My name is Tyler Treff, and I'm 15 years old and a student at North County High School. I had my first job experience at Dankmeyer this summer in the Fabrication Department.  My Mom (Cindy French, Patient Services Coordinator) has worked at Dankmeyer for many years so I have heard a lot about orthotics and prosthetics and made a few trips through the Dankmeyer shop when I was little.  It was really neat to actually get to work in the shop and see what goes on.

Cindy French with son Tyler in Fabrication.

On my first day I was given safety instructions, toured the shop and was given a broom to clean up.  There was a lot of clean up from plaster. After a few days I was taught about the machines in the shop and got hands on experience on how to sandblast, use the Sutton shoe machine for metal, how to rivet straps and punch holes in prosthetic socks. I learned how to sift and mix plaster and pour a prosthetic cast.  I never knew there were so many steps that go into making a prosthesis and it was really neat to see how it is done from start to finish.  I really liked seeing how the custom lamination was done. A lot of hard work and detail go into everything.

Tyler with Jed Newhardt, CPO and Moxie.

I was able to participate in the Amputee Walking School at Dankmeyer in June.  I helped set up and clean up and I was allowed to participate with the amputee exercises and given a partner to work with.  It was a very rewarding experience.  

I was worked in the stockroom, packed, unpacked and stocked shipments and learned how to work the USPS shipping machine. I helped to give the shop a fresh coat of paint, made labels to help organize parts, sanded and refinished a work bench. 

Everyone in the shop and the practitioners took their time to explain and show me things so I could learn what they were doing.  I learned a lot and everyone was very supportive.  It was a great first job experience!  Now it is back to school and sports, until next time.