Back to School with Dankmeyer Academy

books Owl.jpeg

Are our Physical Therapist friends ready for 2017 Back to School?  Are your books, backpack, computer, notebooks and pens/pencils all ready to go?  Well you don't need all that stuff and you don't need to go far because Dankmeyer is very excited to announce a new education program for professionals launching this fall.



We are offering this free continuing education series to physical therapists at their location.  This education is intended to be personal and ongoing, with a Dankmeyer clinician visiting your facility quarterly to provide the newest, most relevant curriculum relating to orthotics and prosthetics.  Kelsey Kasten, CO Resident Prosthetist and Nina Bondre, CPO are preparing those materials right now, which your physical therapists can utilize in the treatment of patients who benefit from a prosthesis or orthosis.  The courses we will provide have been submitted to the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners for review.  

The Academy opens in October 2017.  We will have more details in the very near future, so stay tuned!