Easton Office Fully Repaired

If you saw our news last October, you know that we had an unexpected visitor at our newly opened Easton office!  With a crash and bang, someone accidentally drove through the front entrance.  No one was hurt, but it did quite surprise Patient Services Representative Moranda Ostrander, who was stationed at reception.  

So having recently invited patients to an Open House held just a month earlier, now we had to switch gears and invite patients to enter at the rear of the building.  The front entrance was boarded up and secured for safety.  Once Easton officials could inspect the damage, repairs could be started.  So, patients were directed around the back until such time as a temporary front door could be framed.

Getting at least one front door back in action didn't take too long.  Interior work, including replacing flooring, drywall and paint, quickly followed.  The front restroom was rebuilt.  It wasn't until last week that the exterior brick work was completed.  Finally, two new doors were installed! Now, all we lack is the lettering that should appear on the doors, and the office will have been restored to its Open House glory!  We were open all along, but now it looks much more presentable.  Thanks to our patients who were patient with the unexpected renovation.