Allegany College of Maryland Welcomes Mark Treasure, CP, BOCO

Providing resources for education to a variety of professionals and institutions is part of Dankmeyer, Inc.’s mission: “Enriching the lives of those we serve through excellence in patient care, research, education and maximum customer value.”  Lectures in Prosthetics and Orthotics augment Physical Therapy training programs among others.  Monday, January 30, 2017, Dankmeyer's Cumberland office practitioner, Mark Treasure, visited Allegany College of Maryland (ACM) as an annual guest lecturer to the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program.  This year the program’s director, Karin Savage, PT, DPT, asked Mark if he could possibly bring a patient who would be willing to share his (or her) life experience as an amputee.

Karin Savage, Joe Loibel and Mark Treasure at Allegany College of Maryland

Gerald “Joe” Loibel willingly agreed to participate in the program with his prosthetist, Mark.  Joe, a bilateral lower limb amputee, frequently speaks to organizations about his experiences and has participated in previous Dankmeyer teaching events.  An engaging storyteller, Joe shared with the students how he became an amputee after a motorcycle accident, and how with the use of prostheses, physical therapy and determination, he was able to walk, return to hunting in the woods and many other activities.  ( Dankmeyer is looking forward to Mr. Loibel sharing his story on the Dankmeyer website in the near future.)

Afterwards, Mark received a lovely letter from the ACM PTA Class of 2017 thanking him for his “dedication and expertise to the academic advancement” of the students:

“We are very fortunate to have your support.  You have been a dependable and foundational source of information for the PTA Program and the students for many years.  It is greatly appreciated…..”

Mark has been a staff member of Dankmeyer for 37 years, 26 of those as a Certified Prosthetist.  Before his training and certification as a prosthetist, Charles Dankmeyer (now retired, CPO and former owner of Dankmeyer, Inc.) sent Mark to a course to be an orthotic fitter/surgical appliance technician which trained him to, at the time, be able to fit surgical appliances such as custom fitted neck braces, back braces, knee braces and Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOs.)  He would later pursue his orthotist certification through the Board Of Certification.  Mark, a native of Maryland, worked with plaster and molds growing up - his father was an artist and sculptor.  Mark says this work with his hands was influential in his career choice.    After work, Mark is an active member of the community with his wife Linda.  He is particularly active in his church, and is an accomplished musician.  He volunteers with various organizations when he is not composing music and encourages others to participate in the arts. 

At Dankmeyer, Mark loves the challenge of meeting the needs of his patients. When patients and their families come into the Cumberland area office, they are greeted by the ready smiles of Mark and Heather Iman, Patient Services Representative. He strives to successfully assess their needs and provide the devices and patient care that will see them out in the community, accomplishing their goals and fulfilling their dreams.  Mark looks forward to teaching opportunities to share his love for his profession and patients with other professionals. Congratulations, Mark, for 37 years of service to Dankmeyer and to Prosthetics and Orthotics!

If you are interested in Mark Treasure or any other Dankmeyer professional presenting a lecture or in service, be sure and contact our Patient Liaison, Toni Robinson, for more information (click here.)