3DPO and Summer Vacation 2019

3DPO and Digit have been packing and planning for their summer vacation for a month now, and they just can’t seem to decide on one place. Do you and your family have the same issue? They would gladly take suggestions on how you decide where to go on vacation.

Art Ross, Fabrication Technician suggested something tropical and gave them a green screen view of how happy 3DPO would look on the beach.

After even more debate, they decided, that instead of one place, 3DPO and Digit decided to take an ‘Anything Can Happen Adventure’.

While we may not be seeing as many blog posts, he will be posting on Facebook and Instagram, using #3dpodankmeyer. Since this is an ‘Anything Can Happen Adventure’, he and Digit will be asking for ideas and suggestions on where to go, what to try, so please let them know what you think! 

For the Instagram Link for main Dankmeyer page, you can click here!