Report and Registration - Amputee Walking School

Todd gives some instruction.

The September 19, 2018 session of Amputee Walking School was completed with great success!  

Co-hosted by Dankmeyer and the University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Institute (UM Rehab), this program is more formally known as Advanced Gait Training for Individuals with Lower Extremity Amputations. The day long “school” features two segments and is led by Paralympians and self-styled “professional amputees” Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler.  

The afternoon segment is a learning session for professionals, followed by an evening session where those with lower limb loss and their families (free to those participants!) come to work with Todd, Dennis and the pros on various kinds of exercises. Many of these attendees come to every session they can - to show their progress, see old friends, and get new exercises and encouragement - as well as cheer each other on.

You can read all about prior sessions and see a LOT of pictures by scrolling through previous AWS news below.



Dankmeyer, Inc. is hosting the next event on the AWS calendar on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at the Dankmeyer Linthicum office, so put that one on your calendar. We would love to see you!  On top of the professional and evening sessions, this is an opportunity to meet Dankmeyer staff members, get a little tour of the facility and meet 3DPO in person - that little green 3D intern has a selfie station all ready for you!

Registration is open.

For professionals interested in the day long teaching program “Lower Limb Prosthesis Prescription and Training Considerations: An Update”, click here.

For those with lower limb loss and their families, the evening event is free, but we ask you to register so we are prepared for you! Click here.

We had a very busy and fun day last year and here are a few pictures of the event!