Patient Stories: Master Mearkle and Mr. Ewing at the Walk/Talk


September 21, 2019 the Dankmeyer Cumberland staff got to celebrate a special day! All of the Dankmeyer Cumberland team, including clinician Mark Treasure and Patient Services Representative Heather Iman with her two daughters Kayla and Sarah, were joined by Dankmeyer’s new Prosthetist Assistant Dawn Miranda in order to support Kaleb Mearkle at the Children’s League 2019 Walk/Talk event.

The Children’s League is an 85 year old non-profit that operates and manages the Cumberland Scottish Rite “Rite Care” Childhood Speech and Language Disorders Clinic as well as the Cumberland Cleft Clinic.

Kaleb invited Dankmeyer to participate several months ago, and when long time patient Mr. William “Bill” Ewing found out about it, he jumped at the chance to be a part of the event. Many years ago Mr. Ewing had been the beneficiary of the Children’s League’s services. Team Dankmeyer gathered at the Dankmeyer Western Maryland office on National Highway to start the morning with a cup of coffee and then off they headed to the Allegany County Health Department for the event.

The sun seemed to shine extra bright over the Children's League event. Team Dankmeyer arrived at the grounds ready to have fun and fellowship with a great organization and the families of special needs children. You could feel the children’s energy as they all donned their bright pink Tshirts. The children vote and choose the color each year and Dankmeyer was one of the proud Tshirt sponsors. The morning began with the line up of the teams and families to be ready for the walk. The national anthem was sung and when it finished the crowd clapped and prepared to walk the laps.

Heather and Dawn.jpg

The Chick-fil-A cow, Buffalo Wild Wings mascot as well as the Cellular One phone mascot joined in the fun. There were balloon animals being made as well as face painting! Heather and Dawn took advantage of that to have the Dankmeyer green ribbon emblem painted on their faces! Children got to pet ferrets, touch a giant turtle and hold a sweet young alligator who loved to have his chin scratched. Refreshments were served by the Children's League volunteers. Prizes were given to teams at the end and closing words of thanks spoken. Team Dankmeyer vowed to gather again next fall for this very worthy cause! (Submitted by Dawn Miranda.)