Master C and the Pirate SMO's (Supramalleolar Orthoses)

Master C recently came in to visit Miss Kristen, his orthotist (Kristen Beltran CO, Board Eligible Prosthetist) for a follow up visit.  HIs new supramalleolar orthoses needed a little adjustment.  While he waited for her return from the lab, we followed Kristen back to take a few pictures of the process.  When she was all finished, she returned to him for a fitting.  After checking for a good fit, the engaging nine year old was quite willing to model the orthoses, pointing out that not only were there pirate skull and crossbones, but the Velcro had flames on it.  He also thought that people would like to see his orthoses on Facebook, and we happily agreed.

Master C thought it was important to get pictures from each angle, and so he posed with the orthoses from the front, left side, rear and right sides.  Then he thought a view from both the top and the bottom was in order, so that we could clearly see the pirate skull and crossbones.  After a stroll across the room to check out the exam table and give out a few hugs, he had his picture made with Miss Kristen before it was time to go.

Thank you for sharing, Master C!  We think your pictures will get many likes on Facebook.  We also have a video of Miss Kristen doing her work, and you modeling your orthoses, so take a look here.