Mark Hopkins Attends Conference in Mexico

Mark Hopkins, CEO of Dankmeyer, Inc. (PT, CPO, MBA) spent the last week of April in Queretaro, Mexico attending the annual conference of Centro Para Rehabilitacion Integral de Minusvalidos Del Aparato Locomotor, or CRIMAL. CRIMAL is an organization that seeks to improve the lives of amputees. Based in Queretaro, Mexico, this organization has provided 2400 patients with prostheses and has hosted 6000 physical therapy sessions over the last 30 years. On staff they have prosthetists, physiotherapists, orthopedists, and psychologists to provide comprehensive care to patients from a variety of disciplines.

Our own Mark Hopkins’ visit this spring was an opportunity to work at CRIMAL along with physical therapists from Johns Hopkins, as well as Charles Dankmeyer, CPO. The team saw prosthetic patients in conjunction with the CRIMAL staff, and also hosted daily seminars for local physical therapists about amputee care and prosthetic training. Mark says, “It is a wonderful group of people committed to doing good work. I would encourage everyone to consider supporting their mission.”

We at Dankmeyer are proud to be part of this endeavor and look forward to taking part in future trips with CRIMAL. Take a look at some pictures from the trip and click here for their website (scroll to the bottom and select for an English translation).