Farewell Dankmeyer Interns!

Tara Tadimalla, Jordynn Gilbert and Alison Howard.

We said goodbye to our 2105-2016 class of three high school interns at the end of April.  You may have seen one of these three young women around the offices, as they were the latest of the interns Dankmeyer welcomes each year to get a good look at the Prosthetics and Orthotics fields.  Each intern was paired with a clinician, and designed a course of study that would culminate in presentations at their respective programs before graduation.  They successfully completed their requirements and graduated just a week ago, and we helped to send them off to further studies with best wishes, and hope to see them again soon.  These seniors each composed a few words to describe their experiences at Dankmeyer:


Tara Tadimalla

My name is Tara Tadimalla, and I have been an intern at Dankmeyer, Inc. for the past year. My experiences here have helped me confirm my passion for engineering, and I have gained much knowledge that will help me in my future endeavors. Dankmeyer, Inc. is an amazing place to be a part of, and I have constantly been surrounded by passionate and supportive individuals that are always willing to teach me and my fellow interns. Upon completion of my internship, this fall, I will be majoring in Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. I can't thank the staff enough for providing me with this invaluable experience! (Tara was paired with Angie Bryl, Dankmeyer Clinical Director.)


Alison Howard

Hi I’m Alison and I am a senior at Glenelg High School. I have been working with Ms. Sheryl Nathanson at both the Sinai office and the Linthicum office for the past year through the intern/mentor program at my school.  My experience at Dankmeyer has been the highlight of my year; I have learned so much about prosthetics and orthotics. On a typical day at Dankmeyer, I observe Ms. Nathanson when she sees patients and I help with adjustments in the lab. I also learned about coding, justifying, and recommending devices.  I have met so many amazing people through this experience from patients to physical therapists. Next year I plan to continue my studies in Prosthetics and Orthotics at the University of Hartford. 


Jordynn Gilbert                          

My name is Jordynn Gilbert, and I have been interning at Dankmeyer Inc. for one year. This is a fantastic facility and the entire staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and inspiring. They have solidified my love for this career and have provided me with many skills that will help me along the way. As a result of my internship, I will be entering college at the University of Hartford, CT with a 50% scholarship this fall for the only 5-year  B.S./M.S.P.O. program in the country. I could not be more grateful for this experience! (Jordynn was teamed with clinician Mary Reedy.)

At the end of their terms with Dankmeyer, there were some celebratory goodies for everyone in a farewell party.  Jordynn brought some Oreo Truffles to share, and they were much admired.  She supplies the recipe here:

One 8 oz block of cream cheese (best if whole fat, but can use less fat version)
One package of plain Oreos
One bag of chocolate chips

Crush the Oreos as finely as possible - use either a food processor (easiest), rubber mallet, or some other method.
In a bowl, combine Oreo crumbs with cream cheese, kneading with your hands until it is thoroughly and evenly mixed.
Roll into balls and place on a baking sheet, refrigerating afterwards until they stiffen a little (this makes the chocolate coating easier).
Melt the chocolate chips (following instructions on package), submerge Oreo balls and coat completely, then place on another baking sheet. Refrigerate when done, and enjoy!

In order to get the best chocolate coating, I either use two forks or wooden skewers (like you’d roast marshmallows on)