Should my son wear his orthoses all the time he is awake?


My son had an appointment and I forgot to ask a question. After the breaking in period, should he wear his shoes with his orthoses all the time when he is awake? Or only when he would normally wear shoes - like when going outside?  And how will I know when they need to be replaced?  Debbie K.


Thank you for your questions! He should wear the orthoses for activities when he would normally wear shoes. For example, when he is active and running/jumping/playing, whether inside or outside, he should wear his orthoses inside of his shoes. If he has any down time like long car rides, before bedtime, right after his nap, or during meals, he does not have to wear the orthoses.  

How will you know he has outgrown them? A couple of good signs that the orthoses are too small due to growth are if the toes are hanging over the edges of the orthoses, or if they appear to be too tight in general or in specific areas. Your child may complain about them pinching or hurting, or his skin may be more red than usual. If you are ever unsure, call our office to schedule a follow up appointment or to speak with your child’s practitioner. Also, all practitioners developed a long term follow up plan (usually 3 or 6 months for children), and our office will be scheduled to call you at that specified time to check in.

- Kristen Beltran, Resident Prosthetist and Orthotist

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