3DPO Lights! Camera! Action!

Last month, on a very breezy cold morning, 3DPO joined other Dankmeyer staff members to appear on a very early morning TV show - outside!  It was his first film experience. And it was exhilarating, or maybe it was just cold.  Dankmeyer staff met early to be on the Manic Monday show on Baltimore's WJZ.  Hosted by Ron Matz, WJZ is the local CBS affiliate which features local businesses on this Monday morning session.  

3DPO did the TV show while perched on Art Ross's shoulder, so he could get a good view.

Before the event, Dankmeyer rehearsed the lyrics supplied by Adrienne Castle, Patient Services Coordinator.  Adrienne had organized the appearance, and wanted everyone to be well prepared.  Adrienne graciously allowed 3DPO to take the microphone and lead rehearsal in the office.  

You can click here to see the video on the WJZ website.

After the event, the Dankmeyer team went to warm up and have a great breakfast at Jimmy's Restaurant. 3DPO took a microphone to entertain everyone with his own rendition of Manic Monday and other songs soon followed.  

3DPO has spent some time listening to music and singing in the shower since that Monday, and finds that he likes performance.  Since he has a nice cowboy hat, he thinks that Country and Western might be his calling and is considering talking to Cumberland office practitioner Mark Treasure about a recording session.  Mark writes this month about his own music in the website blog about Dankmeyer staff members who are out In the Community. Since Mark has some mobile recording equipment, he could bring it into the Baltimore office when he comes for his next visit and make a CD.  3DPO would invite Mark to be a guest artist, and of course all the Dankmeyer staff could do their cover of the Bangles' Manic Monday for old times sake!

3DPO wonders what it would be like to appear on stage with a live audience.  While the Dankmeyer staff is, of course, live - they are friends who will applaud even if he couldn't sing a note, because that is what friends do!  Maybe he could organize a talent show, because in addition to Mark, other Dankmeyer staff members can play music, or dance, or sing, or act!  Maybe they could form a band!  

Just in case a CD with Mark and his new band could lead to big things, 3DPO has his sunglasses ready for the glare of the studio lights.  Though, after windshield sledding during a First Day of Spring snowstorm, he hopes that they will be more immediately useful on sunny spring days.

(3DPO would like to personally thank Art Ross, Fabrication Technician, for his makeup, props, and costumes.)