3DPO and the Dankmeyer Linthicum Construction Project

It is really hard for him to purse his lips to whistle, but 3DPO still likes the idea of whistling while he works, and work he must!  Since the end of April, the Dankmeyer patient exam room at the Linthicum office has been undergoing a makeover.  After being in the office space for over 20 years, it was decided to make some changes to better serve patients during evaluations, fittings and deliveries.  Opening up some space and including some new equipment was all part of the plan.  Fresh paint and new carpet would brighten up the place too!

Months before actually starting this project, there was a lot of planning.  The management team pulled out the plans from the original build out of the space and studied them closely.  They knew that they wanted to accomplish certain things - of course  keeping some rooms open and available to see patients.  There would be a bit of mess and noise during some parts of the project, and so System Administrator Nancy Lee prepared some clever signs that were posted in the office and on Facebook and the website. That way people coming into the office would know what was going on.  Before bringing in a demolition crew, Joe Delorenzo asked 3DPO to start by taking some “before” pictures - and he even got Joe in one of them!    

As an intern learning about all aspects of a prosthetics and orthotics practice, it is a good thing that 3DPO is pretty much interested in everything.  He had already been through safety training with Safety Office Matt Hierstetter, and he could volunteer some of his own tools.  He asked to experience first hand the demolition part.  On the day the demo crew got there, Dankmeyer provided a hard hat and he gathered his tools from Art’s desk (Art Ross, Fabrication Technician) where they were stored.  Leaving Digit behind in Art’s care, he went to meet the crew and see what he could do to help.

First, sheets of plastic were put up to provide some barrier between the construction and the rest of the space.  This would help limit any dust. 3DPO got to do some ladder work. Some cabinetry had to be removed and some of the furniture.   The carpet came out.  Some of the walls actually were knocked out!  

Then it was time for some drywall work.  At this point 3DPO’s cousin came in to help.  3D-Too helped to move some materials around, and before you know it, the work was done.  The painting came next, and instead of picking a lovely shade of green paint, they decided to stick with the same neutral color.  All of this didn’t take much time, but now they had to wait for the new carpet to come in.

Everyone at Dankmeyer had looked over the carpet samples to vote for their favorites.  3DPO had voted for something with green. The winner? Dress Smart Cozy Chic.  It sounds like a hug for your feet, right?   The carpet went in lickety-split and 3DPO and 3D-Too did a little celebration dance in the middle of the new space on the comfy new carpet.  There was some cleanup done and cabinets to put back, exam room curtains rehung, but things were almost finished.  And now, all that is left is for some new equipment to come in, and 3DPO can’t wait to see it.  He is looking forward to showing it all off to all the new patients, and when the next Amputee Walking School is held at Dankmeyer on June 21, 2017. 

Registration details for the next session of Amputee Walking School are available here.