3DPO Goes to Coffee with Dankmeyer

As Dankmeyer has offices in four locations, 3DPO was very anxious to explore some of the other spaces so that he would know more about them.  He was offered the opportunity to go to the Sinai office to help with setup for an event they were hosting there.  The Dankmeyer Sinai office is located on the Sinai hospital campus in the Morton Mower Medical Building.  He made a quick ride over on the morning of March 29, 2017 with Practice Liaison Toni Robinson.  On the way, they made a stop to pick up some of the treats that would be served at this social event, which is named “Coffee with Dankmeyer”. 

This Coffee was started a few years ago to create a relaxed environment where professionals who worked at Sinai could drop in, share a coffee and a snack and get to know more about Dankmeyer and its services.  Sheryl Nathanson, CPO, is on hand along with Toni and Patient Services Representative Jeanne Smith to answer questions and provide reference materials.  There are some demonstration devices placed around the waiting room on display as well.

3DPO was happy to help arrange the table with bottled water, snacks and of course, coffee!  Guests may bring their own coffee cups, but Dankmeyer has some very special custom mugs for these occasions.  There are a few take aways for those interested - like Dankmeyer calendars.  Today, the Dankmeyer hosts were providing a very special sweet treat - Rita’s Italian Ice.  3DPO was very interested in learning more about this employee favorite, if there was any left after the gathering.

He was honored to personally great guests at the table, eagerly waving a windmill to celebrate.  A few of the guests were so happy to meet him that they posed for a picture at his request!  Toni and Sheryl served up the Rita’s and engaged in witty conversation with everyone who came in to pass some time.  3DPO was so proud to help, and when all was said and done, he did get to sample the Rita’s.  Sadly, there was not enough left to take back to the main office and share with others.  After they cleaned up the office, Sheryl showed him some of the pictures from previous coffees. There was one for Mardi Gras a year ago, one for summer fun and another one at Halloween.  Those guys were really good a decorating!

But maybe most exciting was the news that was shared with guests, that there was going to be a really BIG event this summer at the Dankmeyer main office, and they were all invited!  3DPO would be part of the team to get the event off the ground.  The next Amputee Walking School, on June 21, 2017, was going to be held at Dankmeyer for a change of pace, and there was also going to be new course material for the professional education part.  One of the guests happily accepted a flyer on the event when 3DPO offered it to her.  This was going to be even bigger than the Coffee with Dankmeyer!  3DPO wondered if they would serve Rita’s.  He planned to suggest it at a planning meeting.

For more details about the summer session of the Amputee Walking School, click here.