3DPO Intern Checks Out Check In

Coming in the front door for the first time into a medical facility can be very intimidating, particularly to someone who is barely taller than the threshold.  Despite this, when Dankmeyer intern 3DPO took his first self guided tour of the Dankmeyer Linthicum office front entrance and waiting area, he was impressed by how easy it was to negotiate the entrance.  Both the outer and inner doors have assist devices to make it easy if a visitor is in a wheelchair to get in and out. With his small stature and short stride, he thought it might take a moment to be noticed,  but no sooner was he inside the door in the waiting area, than he was greeted by the smiling face of Jamie Dean, Patient Services Representative, at the check in window.

He had hoped to surprise whoever was at the front desk, actually.  He was exploring this space early morning one day a week before Halloween, before anyone else had arrived.  As soon as he was inside, he put on his Halloween disguise - a Mardi Gras mask! But, she recognized him right away (what gave him away, he wondered?) and greeted him by name.  She was eager to show him how the check in process worked.  With some assistance from Jamie, he was able to view the sign in sheet (with HIPAA protections), and she let him test the electronic signature pad. It wasn't often he was asked for his autograph. She told him she was very willing to come out into the waiting area to assist anyone who needed extra help with either of these functions.

If he had been an actual patient, instead of an intern exploring his workplace, his practitioner would have been told he was there and then he could have taken a seat for a brief wait before going back to a patient room. Jamie advised that while they are waiting, patients are asked to review their important information for accuracy.  New patients have the opportunity to get this paperwork from the website before their first visit. They can get the form to fill out and bring with them.  (Click here to see the form.)

He did note a play area for children, where he would have felt very at home.  He could have ridden the train or colored a picture that would be displayed in the foyer.  There was also some interesting reading material and a mesmerizing display board with all kinds of fun facts! (Most of his coworkers don't know that he secretly loves trivia games.) And, as it was the week before Halloween, there was even a contest for patients to guess how many candy corns were in a jar!

On that day, Jamie was the one to greet him at check in.  Sometimes, it is Abi Ostrander manning the front desk. Jamie and Abi are both part of the Patient Services team.  As Patient Representatives, they work very hard to make the visitor feel welcome and comfortable on every visit. He knows that visitors can expect the same welcome and procedure at the Easton office, where Moranda Ostrander is at check in (yes - Abi's sister), or Cumberland and Heather Iman, or the Sinai Hospital office where Jeanne Smith is on duty.  (For information on each Dankmeyer location, you can visit the Locations page on the website.)

Since Jamie needed to turn her attention to the first patient for the day, it was time for him to wrap up his investigation and check in with his supervisor for his first assignment. He waved to Jamie, and smiled at the patient, who smiled back!  Since smiling faces seem to be the norm around here, 3DPO felt very much at home - as this is his natural expression.  He was excited to see what other discoveries were waiting for him that day.