Welcome 3DPO - Dankmeyer 3D Intern

3DPO is the newest intern at Dankmeyer, Inc. His history with the company began in 2015 as an experiment in 3-D printing with the newly acquired 3D printer (pictured here.) 

His predecessors 1DPO and 2DPO proved to be less than useful, in that their only noticeable skill was pencil holding. With his solid stance and jointed arms 3DPO has proven himself more flexible in his assignments. He may be a little green but is more than willing to help around the office any way he can. His keen wit and ready smile make him fun to be around.

Standing in at 5.5 inches "D", as his friends call him, is very good at paying attention to details. He is especially good at finding tiny things that have been dropped on the floor.

Outside of work he enjoys short walks, looking up at flowers and moving pebbles. His favorite movies are I Robot, Robocop, Wall-E, Short Circuit, and The Wizard of Oz. "D" is also considering adopting a robotic therapy dog if he can find one his size. He has read a lot about service dogs on the website, and would love to train one!

As he learns more about Dankmeyer and his Dankmeyer teammates, he will share those adventures here.  His contributions should engage, enlighten, and intrigue anyone interested in what goes on beyond patient care in Prosthetics and Orthotics.  He will be assisted by Dankmeyer staff in preparing photos and videos to share as he goes about his intern duties.

Welcome, 3DPO!