New Prosthetic Arm - First of a Kind, One of Kind

A recent issue of “Forbes NEXT” magazine’s Hungarian issue features a Dankmeyer patient, George Levay, on the cover with his new prosthetic arm.  According to Mark Hopkins, CEO of Dankmeyer, Inc., Mr. Levay’s prosthesis is one of a kind and first of a kind.  Dankmeyer is proud to have developed this novel prosthesis along with partner Infinite Biomedical Technologies (IBT).  Mr. Levay worked with IBT in developing the technology for the prosthesis. 

Mr Levay was featured in an article in the Baltimore Sun in September (click here), in which he talks about his own limb loss and interest in developing technology to make life easier for those those with upper limb loss.

This new device is a left above elbow fully externally powered prosthesis.  Some of the components are proprietary, while the power system (battery and charger) is commercially available.  More information will be available about the technology soon and the prosthesis will be commercially available at some point. Stay tuned for developments!