The puppy formerly known as Autumn.....

We first introduced our new little puppy prosthetic patient to you last month.  At the time, this little girl English Setter mix was being fostered after being rescued from a local shelter.  Her rescuers contacted Dankmeyer to see if we could make her a prosthetic device, as her left hind leg is missing a foot.   We started the process and now she is waiting for the delivery of her device.  In the meantime, applicants were welcome to apply to adopt the seven month old puppy. 

The Charles and Jeanne Smith (Dankmeyer Patient Services Representative) Family is proud to announce the adoption of the puppy who has been renamed Moxie.  She was officially named Moxie through a voting process by her extended Dankmeyer family.  Moxie means courage, determination, energy and pep - all of which describe Moxie well.  Jeanne reports on their new family member:

“Her personality shows her to have a mild temperament and love for attention.   The partial loss of her hind leg does NOT slow her down. She loves to run, play and has become cleverly adaptive to her environment.  Climbing stairs is achieved with leaps and bounds; however, descending stairs is accomplished by sliding on her belly until she gets halfway down - then she proceeds to run to the bottom!”

Moxie is working with her prosthetist, Jed Newhardt, CPO, and the creative staff at Dankmeyer, to design and fabricate her a prosthetic foot.  We will continue to post updates and pictures of  Moxie's journey and experiences.