At Dankmeyer, the primary goal for our residents is for them to learn and work towards becoming successful CPOs, who can provide quality, multidisciplinary patient care in an efficient manner. The Dankmeyer residency program is unique in the multitude of locations, clinics, mentors, and populations you will have a chance to work with.

The first quarter will be spent in a technical rotation to understand and participate in the fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic devices from start to finish. The remaining quarters will be spent in direct patient care. Our resident will rotate through several of our locations in order to gain exposure to different patient populations. We have four offices throughout Maryland and additional offsite clinic locations in the area. Our resident will attend multidisciplinary clinics, including those at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Kennedy Krieger Institute, University of Maryland Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Institute, and Sinai Hospital. Specialty clinics we engage with are: pediatric orthotics, pediatric prosthetics, spinal cord injury (both adult and pediatric), and several orthotic and prosthetic PM&R clinics.

We also have opportunities for residents who are interested in teaching. We regularly provide O&P education at the University of Maryland and University of Delaware physical therapy programs as well as provide continuing education for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and other members of patient care teams in our region. Dankmeyer co-hosts the Amputee Walking School 4 times a year, giving additional hands-on exposure to amputee gait training. 

With the many opportunities available and the complex patients we see, the residency will be challenging but rewarding. We will be here as a team to help support and guide you through the process of learning.

Only one residency position will be offered in the 2019 cycle.  We offer four paths in our residency program, but please only apply to the one that best matches your residency goals. 

In order to submit your application on the OPRESCAS Application Login Page, you can click here.

 -If this is your first residency, please select one of the 18 month programs (clinical or research track). 

 -If you have already completed residency in one discipline, please select the appropriate 12 month program.

 For more information on Dankmeyer, Inc. please continue to review our website.

Program Contact:

Angie Bryl, CPO

Clinical Director & Residency Director

You can click here to send an email to: residency@dankmeyer.com

Or Phone: (410) 636-8114 x264