Changing People's Lives

Dankmeyer Inc. was founded in 1954 to provide prostheses and orthoses to patients in Maryland and nearby communities. The practice developed and has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the community and has relationships with all of the medical teaching institutions in the area as well as most of the private hospitals and insurers. The practice was founded on the principle of being sensitive to the needs of the community and providing services to meet those needs. We were founded by Charles “Herb” Dankmeyer, himself a bilateral below the knee amputee. Dankmeyer, Inc is now the largest provider of orthoses and prostheses in the State of Maryland.

We have been Maryland’s pioneers and leaders in new developments and education. We were the first in Maryland to produce plastic prostheses, endoskeletal prostheses, electronic prostheses, and plastic molded orthoses for spine, lower limb and upper limb. The professional, technical, and administrative staff all participate in on going educational programs both as participants and presenters.

We have participated in both local and national clinical research programs. These efforts combined with the needs presented to us in our community have led us to the development of several unique prostheses and orthoses including the APL/Dankmeyer powered upper limb prosthesis. We consider the practice to be driven by the needs of the patients we serve and not by the needs of the nameless and faceless stockholders of the publicly held P & O corporations. We are one of the founders of the Amputee Association of Maryland, a non-profit support group. We currently have 9 ABC Certified practitioners on our staff and a full service laboratory that continues to provide all of our fabrication needs. We are housed in a 15,000 square foot modern state-of-the-art facility. 

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Mark Hopkins working on fabrication.

Mark Hopkins working on fabrication.