We have had the privilege of working with a wide range of students who are interested in various aspects of the prosthetic and orthotic development process.  Ranging in age and experience from elementary school to college level, students have worked in conjunction with their school programs and with our patients and facilities to get real-life, hands-on experiences.  Their projects have included designing 3D printed upper extremity assistive devices and prosthetic feet, developing educational literature for AFO wearers, and conducting surveys and analyzing patient outcomes.

Students also often have a personal interest in exploring the possibility of a career in the O&P field.  To become a prosthetist, orthotist, assistant, or technician, many schools require clinical hours prior to applying.  (For more information on education requirements visit: The National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education.)

If you are a student interested in orthotics and prosthetics, either for school credit or to gain experience and accumulate clinical hours, please fill out the student application form electronically and email the completed form to our clinical director, Angie Bryl, at: academy@dankmeyer.com

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Program Contact:

Angie Bryl, CPO

Clinical Director & Residency Director

You can click here to send an email to: academy@dankmeyer.com

Or Phone: (410) 636-8114